Color, balance & boundaries converge; erupt; and then are reconstructed in ways you may never have experienced in a Joseph Dixon painting. Joe’s art, like his life, is on his terms; throwing out the rule book; no conditions! The refinement in his work; the calming, comes from the inspiration he finds in the organic beauty of naturally emerging geometric patterns. Finding beauty in chaos, Joe sees the forest, one tree at a time; the ocean and the droplet of water that has traveled so far to become part of it. 

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Joe is an emerging Artist with, as he has been told, an old soul. The paintings you see are a vision; a manifestation of who he is, who he wants to become and what he can share with family, friends, and you. The colors, the abstractness and symmetry are the means of expression for Joe’s thoughts, hopes, and fears. His art is his voice; a voice that took a long time to discover and nourish. 

“When I paint I find a freedom I have never known. I can select a color palate and technique; but often the end result may look nothing like I thought it would.”

The end result is always as it should be and the path the paint and the painting took with Joe allows him to express the best parts of himself. 

“The feeling of serenity that comes with being able to let go; only able to guide the paint, not control it, is one I never want to lose.”

Joseph Dixon, born in Michigan in 1991, lives in Columbus, Ohio with his partner and dog, Eli. 





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