'But You Are Blanche' Original Abstract Art Acrylic Painting on Canvas


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Original Abstract Art Acrylic Painting on Canvas  

 18" x 40" x 1"

About the artist:

Joseph Dixon is the personification of coloring outside the lines. Born in Michigan he has lived in New York, Tennessee, Connecticut, Alabama, Illinois, and Ohio, where he now resides with his partner Jeffrey and dog Eli. Joe's perspective on himself, those around him and the world he lives in are unique and expressed through his works. Drawing inspiration from the bold colors and the calming beauty of organic geometric patterns, his art is his voice; a manifestation of his thoughts, emotions, and vision. Joseph explores many types of visual media, including: acrylics, video, photography, woodworking, textiles, digital art and design and mixed media.

Museum quality prints and other 'lifestyle' items of this painting can be purchased in the Lifestyle collection.

Please contact Joe directly to discuss custom artwork and commissioned pieces at joe@jdixonart.com. 

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